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My name is Tatiana, and I have a passion for creating unique lamps that blend the timeless beauty of stained glass with other natural materials.

To me, a lamp is more than just a functional object that provides illumination; it has the power to serve as the heart and soul of a home, much like an oven or chimney. Even if installing a chimney is not possible in a given space, there is always room for a unique lamp that can evoke powerful emotions and memories. Perhaps it’s a lamp that transports you to a cherished moment in your life or one that has a meditative effect, calming your mind and bringing peace to your surroundings. Or maybe it’s simply a lamp that you love looking at, with its intricate patterns and colors serving as a source of joy and inspiration. Whatever the case may be, my goal is to create lamps that truly light up your life in every sense of the word.


Some lamps are sold, but there are always some available. 

 Any questions? Contact me!


I can respond in English, French, Russian, as well as some Italian.

Presentation en Français

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